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Where could YOU be in 52 weeks from now if…..

  • you reprogrammed your subconscious mind EVERY week?
  • eliminated habits and behaviours which don’t serve you?
  • programmed in an entire new set of beliefs around self image and self identity?
  • erased 48 limiting beliefs around success, money and business?
  • replaced them with 48 new and empowering beliefs around success, money and business?

Want to find out??

Towards the end of last year I threw myself even deeper into my own personal journey and started using hypnosis again most days as well as belief shifting tools.

The business ended the year on a financial high.

That wasn’t a coincidence.

Mindset & belief systems around how people view themselves and their repeated thoughts can be the biggest thing to hold people back in growing their business

And when you aren’t quite sure what ‘mindset work’ looks like, you might find yourself not doing any

(mindset work is so much more than writing out affirmations!)

So I’m building something that EVERYONE will benefit from.

Whether you are in the early stages of business or already a 6+ figure brand, subconscious reprogramming and brain training removes any limitation no matter where you are at.

Business is a long term game, so let’s take a long term approach to ‘mindset’ too!

Listen to this self hypnosis recording to get a taste of what ‘WIRED For Success’ is like!


DO NOT listen to this if you are driving or doing something else. 


Entrepreneurs, coaches, experts and company owners who know that ‘mindset work’ is a part of growing their business and enhancing their life in the process.


  • you desire to hit your first 100k or multiple 6 figures within the next 12 months
  • you are able to commit to retraining your subconscious several times per week
  • you have a desire to achieve your goals (business and life) without sacrifice or burning out

WIRED For Success is

NOT a business course

You won’t be learning new strategies, ways to build funnels or automate sales.



A full 52 weeks of brain training to reprogram your subconscious, ‘hack’ your mindset & upgrade your beliefs

24 x self hypnosis MP3s

all topics are specifically created with holistic health & wellness coaches and entrepreneurs in mind

(2 per month)

A limiting belief exercise every month

to release four very specific limiting beliefs about success, plus four positive beliefs to programme in 

(48 limiting beliefs erased within 12 months)


    (worth $999+)

    1 year access to DreamQuest 

    Monthly goal setting and manifestation workshops to help you create, envision, embody, plans and activate your BIG dreams.

    These are held at the beginning of the month to give your something to focus on and for you to create some hypnotic goals!

    You’ll be invited to all 12

    Includes subconscious work for releasing limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions around those goals


    $888 in full or $88/month x 12


    What if I can’t be hypnotised?

    Everyone can be hypnotised. It’s simply a deep state of relaxation. If you can daydream, you’ll be fine!

    How long do I have access to the recordings?

    They are yours to keep forever. You’re welcome!

    Can I cancel if I change my mind?

    No queen. Commitment is required. If you aren’t certain then please don’t join.


    Feel free to message me on Instagram and I’ll answer whatever questions you might have!

    I’ve been following Rachel for a few years and have often nodded along with her content. I knew when I saw her post about ancestral wealth wounds that it was time to have a private one to one. There are not many Coaches out there that I trust with mindset… Rachel is one I would and did. A very interesting session of questions, insights, realisations and quite a few tears. If you want to connect with some deeper parts of yourself, gain understanding and release in a safe place, then Rachel is a good choice!

    Viviene Joy


    I was drawn to heal my limits around money for a while and Rachel and her wealth wound program came at just the right time for me when I was pivoting my business.

    I shifted so much with this work and only realised how much I needed it once I started.

    Highly recommend if you are intuitive and you want to shift the energy around money. Working with Rachel is magic, she makes you feel seen, heard, and held.

    Karen Ramsey Smith

    Spiritual Teach and Coach