Your millionaire version of yourself

is waiting to meet you!

You’re already doing great in business……

…… know how to sell, how to market yourself and you’ve even celebrated some amazing financial milestones along the way

And yet you KNOW in your soul there’s more available.

More wealth. More fun. More pleasure. More joy. More impact.

You’re feeling it’s time to really step it up….not in the ‘how to’ sense but in your mindset, identity, beliefs and self image.

You’re ready to take your business and yourself to a whole new level that you feel in your soul is possible!

Listen to this audio to get all the details on the

Queens Of Wealth Mastermind:

Queens Of Wealth has been created for the ridiculously ambitious and driven women who know they are destined to be CEOs of 7 figure brands.

Someone like YOU!

At this stage of business you don’t need or want anymore courses or programs on ‘how to sell’ or ‘how to create content’ or even money courses…….you KNOW that the biggest thing for you now is to REALLY upgrade your mindset and your perception of who you are.

You totally understand what is meant by ‘it’s not what you do….it’s who you be’

And you desire to become that version of you in a space where you get to be witnessed, supported and held as you continue to grow fully into your power, leadership and fullest and highest potential.


You’re already seeing ‘success’ in your business….and now want even more!

You truly DESIRE to be a part of this mastermind (it’s not a NEED or FOMO)

You are ready to BE the kind of woman who gets to experience next level luxury, upgrades and magic simply by being YOU

You are self led and an independant thinker

You have huge dreams for your life and business

You appreciate that stepping out of your comfort zone is where you grow and even though scary, you are no stranger to doing that!

You believe in magic, woo and all things mystical (so you aren’t surprised with my way of working!)

Queens Of Wealth is a space to heal, up-level, play, explore and expand into ALL THAT YOU ARE.

Your MILLIONAIRE self becomes someone you truly align and identify with!

Everything you receive:

  • A monthly 1:1 with Rachel to dive deeply into your subconscious mind and unique business blueprint
  • 2 x month mastermind sessions to receive support from your fellow sisters and hot seat coaching
  • Quarterly virtual* group VIP day for coaching, planning and mindset work along with energy work, healing and spiritual rituals/practices
  • Daily Group Voxer for quick questions and celebrations
  • Facebook support group for additional support, feedback and conversations between the mastermind sessions. This is a safe, supportive and non judgemental space.
  • Access to any course/program during your time in the mastermind 
  • Priority access to tickets for The Wealthy Goddess® Cyprus Retreats in 2023
  • Special surprises along the way!

* depending on the location of the mastermind members, this may also be held in person in/around Manchester





Options to pay-in-full or spread the investment over 6 months



£6,000 (save £4,000!)



£1,000/month x 6



How many spots are available?

I will be capping this at 12 people

I’m new to business, is this for me?

No. Consider the Queen Mastermind instead – that’s to help you get the foundations in place for a 6 figure coaching business

Can I cancel if I change my mind?

No queen. Commitment is required. If you aren’t certain then please don’t join.


Feel free to message me on Instagram and I’ll answer whatever questions you might have!

I’ve been following Rachel for a few years and have often nodded along with her content. I knew when I saw her post about ancestral wealth wounds that it was time to have a private one to one. There are not many Coaches out there that I trust with mindset… Rachel is one I would and did. A very interesting session of questions, insights, realisations and quite a few tears. If you want to connect with some deeper parts of yourself, gain understanding and release in a safe place, then Rachel is a good choice!

Viviene Joy


I was drawn to heal my limits around money for a while and Rachel and her wealth wound program came at just the right time for me when I was pivoting my business.

I shifted so much with this work and only realised how much I needed it once I started.

Highly recommend if you are intuitive and you want to shift the energy around money. Working with Rachel is magic, she makes you feel seen, heard, and held.

Karen Ramsey Smith

Spiritual Teach and Coach