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Thank you so much for shortly being on The Wealthy Goddess® Podcast with myself, Rachel Foy! I’m really looking forward to speaking to you soon and sharing a fabulous conversation with our listeners.

Here’s a quick summary about the podcast and our interview.


This is a podcast for coaches, service providers and transformational development experts with a spiritual twist wanting to grow their business in the most simplified and soul aligned way for them.

We have listeners who are in the early stages of their business to well established 6+ and 7 figure business owners.

This podcast releases every Friday with a mixture of guest interviews and solo episodes.

We explore and dive into topics around mindset mastery, wealth consciousness, business energetics, simple strategy and feminine leadership and what it truly takes to become a wealthy goddess.

Guests are invited to share their story, their expertise, their wisdom in whatever way feels good to them.

The interviews are NOT pre-planned with no questions prepared beforehand.

I prefer to have a chat with you and let’s see what ends up coming through the conversation.


The interview is approximately 40 minutes. Our call will be via Zoom – the link is in your booking confirmation email.

The interview is VIDEO which is used to promote the episode across social media along with the audio going to itunes etc

Swearing and adult content is allowed, it’s classed as ‘explicit content’ on iTunes!

I request that you have an external microphone, so not the one built into your computer, so that the sound quality will be better with a video as clear as possible.


The Wealthy Goddess® is published every Friday.

I tend to have a backlog of interviews so I’ll give you a date for publication as soon as I can.

I appreciate you sharing your interview with your community once it is ready if that feels aligned with you. You’ll be emailed the link and info for it.

The video trailer will be posted on social media where you will be tagged

The full video interview will be uploaded to my YouTube channel with your bio and links below

The audio will be published across iTunes and all other podcast apps and also shared with my audience.


The podcast goes out on all of the major podcast platforms and we optimise each episode for SEO keywords and topics.


If you have any further questions or want to ask something before our interview, then you can email:

We will have time before the interview to run over any last minute questions.

You’ll get an email reminder of your interview 24 hours before our call on Zoom and a text reminder 1 hour beforehand

Can’t wait to speak to you soon!

Rachel xx

The Wealthy Goddess® Podcast

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