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After working for 12 years in the field of mindset coaching and psychotherapy, I created a truly transformational mindset method.

Something that combines the most effective parts of everything that I have trained and studied over the years including clinical hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Matrix ReImprinting, BwRT, Inner Child Healing, Timeline therapy and many more.

The secret to lasting change is in the power of the subconscious mind, especially around changing your SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS.

Our belief system creates who we are and how we see ourselves and it also creates our limitations.

The Transformational Mindset Method™️ taps into your subconscious to identity and understand where certain thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours come from.

Then it provides a really fast and effective neuroscience based therapy which resolves, heals and releases these limitations helping you to rapidly breakthrough your own upper limits.

Regardless of what your issues are, no matter how big or small they seem, the Transformational Mindset Method™️ often creates breakthroughs and results which other modalities simply can’t as we gain direct access to your subconscious and the root to any issue.

As this accesses the subconscious mind directly, results are often very quick compared to other modalities.

I have seen many issues resolved within a single session!

I use The Transformational Mindset Method™️ in my 1:1 client work and in my mindset based programs


I’ve been following Rachel for a few years and have often nodded along with her content. I knew when I saw her post about ancestral wealth wounds that it was time to have a private one to one. There are not many Coaches out there that I trust with mindset… Rachel is one I would and did. A very interesting session of questions, insights, realisations and quite a few tears. If you want to connect with some deeper parts of yourself, gain understanding and release in a safe place, then Rachel is a good choice!

Viviene Joy


I was drawn to heal my limits around money for a while and Rachel and her wealth wound program came at just the right time for me when I was pivoting my business.

I shifted so much with this work and only realised how much I needed it once I started.

Highly recommend if you are intuitive and you want to shift the energy around money. Working with Rachel is magic, she makes you feel seen, heard, and held.

Karen Ramsey Smith

Spiritual Teach and Coach

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