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I’m Rachel, founder of Wealthy Goddess®

Wealth Wound® Healer & Subconscious Mind Expert

I’m ridiculously passionate about helping high-performing entrepreneurs & experts release their inner limitations and past stories to accelerate the external success they desire.

You get to rewire your mind for success!


A 12 month business growth & mindset academy for frustrated experts to elevate their income, sell out their offers and reach their own version of success

A full 52 weeks of brain training to reprogram your subconscious, ‘hack’ your mindset & upgrade your beliefs

Recode your brain for success – Choose between 1 & 12 months

A 45 minute NeuroCoding session with me using the Transformational Mindset Method™️ to rapidly remove a ‘block’, limiting belief or trigger.


Every month there is a special offer on one of the courses within the Wealth Goddess® training vault

Want to upgrade a current offer or create something brand new that creates at least 6 figures?!

In this self study course I’ll walk you through 5 modules covering structuring offers, psychology of buyers, pricing, mindset and market positioning (including what you should and should not add into magnetic offers!) and so much more!


(payment plans available)


Rewire your subconscious mind to manifest more money, wealth & abundance with this self hypnosis recording.

If you want to make more money in your business, reach more people, create more freedom….you HAVE to shift your identity!

Who you think you are and who you believe yourself to be is so relevant in this business growth journey.

Over these 3 workshops, we’ll be exploring the shifts and upgrades required for CEO/Boss status (and a bank account to match) 

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