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Growing your online business can often feel like you’re spinning all the plates at once!

At Wealthy Goddess® you’ll find a selection of online digital courses, each one designed and created around a specific aspect or business topic.


You get access to ALL of them within the Quantum Queen® which also comes with MONTHLY group coaching calls and a supportive sisterhood of fellow business owners!


Find your true voice, express it without fear abd create powerful content which attracts your soul aligned clients 

A 21 day self paced experiment to help you discover the beliefs and subconscious programs holding you back from full self expression so you can find your true voice and confidently express it through your content!

  • Step away from ‘the good girl’ and embrace your timid ‘inner rebel’ and see why this alone will quantum leap your business success!!
  • 15 content prompts for you to implement in real time which turn your message into the most decadent and desirable chocolate fudge cake …..instead of regular ol’ vanilla ice cream!
  • A neural activation MP3 to listen to every day for 21 days to recode your subconscious and activate your unique success blueprint around self expression!
  • 1 x recorded ‘Visibility’ Wealth Wound® Healing session to reset your subconscious by removing limitations around being fully seen for being you


* you receive free access to this course when you join The Quantum Queen®



Break through the upper limits holding you back from next level money, happiness and success with Wealth Wound® Healing

A 7 part self paced course to help you identify and heal all 6 of the Wealth Wounds®

  • 7 x 90 minute workshops
  • 6 x Wealth Wound Healing group sessions
  • 6 x accompanying journaling prompts


* You receive free access to this course when you join The Quantum Queen®


The Empowered Sales Empress

A heart centered sales course for enrolling your soul aligned clients

Selling is only really ever about ONE thing…..
….empowering another human being to feel safe enough to step deeper into your world so they can transform their own! When you know and embody that, selling becomes fun!
Containing 4 hours of training PLUS amazing bonuses including:
  • A neural activation MP3 to recode your subconscious and activate your own inner empowered sales empress!
  • A sales page layout template – there is an art to crafting a sales page which has your soul aligned clients ready to work with you. I break it down. All the sections to include.
  • Journal prompts to help you shift your mindset around selling
  • My 90 day sales process – I’m sharing with you how I plan and implement selling with fun and enjoyment and the mindset shifts I’ve made to doing that!


* you receive free access to this course when you join The Quantum Queen®


Mindset Mastery & Identity Shifting for the Queen CEOs who are ready to move fast, up level and fully see themselves as being limitless, magic and powerful!

Starts September 15th for 6 weeks.

INVESTMENT: £625 (save 50%!)

* You receive free access to this course when you join The Quantum Queen®


Frequency Of Wealth


A magical experience to transform your relationship with money, align to the energy of abundance and unlock your sacred wealth codes for next level success!

5 workshops, each one with journal prompts and resources to help you integrate the sessions

Coming October 2022

INVESTMENT: only £200 (save £795 on pre-enrolment!)

* You receive free access to this course when you join The Quantum Queen®

I’ve honestly never experienced energy moving like that before! Your meditations and energy recordings are something else!

Since using them as instructed I feel more connected to my purpose than ever before, I’ve had several people reach out about working with me and I’ve confidently put my prices up.


Energy Healer

I was drawn to heal my limits around money for a while and Rachel and her wealth wound program came at just the right time for me when I was pivoting my business.

I shifted so much with this work and only realised how much I needed it once I started.

Highly recommend if you are intuitive and you want to shift the energy around money. Working with Rachel is magic, she makes you feel seen, heard, and held.

Karen Ramsey Smith

Spiritual Teach and Coach

The Wealthy Goddess® Podcast

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